Professional Qualifications for Maria Abramson, Au.D., CCC-A
  •  Recognized by the State of California as an expert in Central Auditory Processing (CAPD), routinely serving as an expert witness
  • Serves on the California Speech and Hearing Association (CASHA) task force for auditory processing disorders 
  • Doctor of Audiology, AT Still University, School of Health Sciences, 2006
  • Masters of Science in Audiology,  University of Washington, 1979
  • Bachelors of Science in Speech and Language pathology, Northwestern University, 1977
  • Practicing Audiology in Southern California since 1979

Abramson Audiology
Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)
Auditory processing difficulties can be experienced by anyone.  Common symptoms include;
  • being able to "hear, but does not understand",
  • having difficulty reading,
  • frequently needing directions to be repeated, and
  • having difficulty remembering what was said.  

These symptoms can occur with or without a hearing loss.  If a hearing loss exists, it must be addressed before a CAPD evaluation.  A thorough examination by an  audiologist experienced in CAPD is required to identify an auditory processing disorder.  Contact Abramson Audiology today.