Martin Dymon, who has BTE hearing aids, says:  “I love my hearing aids because I can hear.  It feels like I have nothing in my ears.  I can play soccer, baseball, and basketball without missing a step.” Note: Martin has two sets of hearing aids, one for school and one for water sports and athletic activities. He is mainstreamed in regular education and getting A's and B's. Maria also fitted him with an FM system for school.
Bob Bein, who has CIC hearing aids, says: “They not only look good, but they work.  Since 1989, Maria and I have worked through a series of technological upgrades and each one has been an improvement over the last. It's only because of Maria's dedication to her profession that I have been able to have the very best in hearing aids, and thereby carry on with my work as CEO and Chairman of the Board at RBF, successfully.  Without my hearing aids, I cannot hear in a large meeting, but with them, I can, because I have excellent perception.  If anyone working with Maria would like to ask me any questions, I am more than happy to discuss my solution.”
Jody Wilson, who has ITC hearing aids, says: “I tried other hearing aids before coming to Hear Now.  They were expensive and I couldn't even wear them a year. I love the hearing aids Maria selected for me. My family loves them too.  For the first time, I can hear my grand kids talking in the back seat in the car. Now I can just sit back and hear the news, and the stock market programs as well as anybody can.  I use all three programs in my hearing aids: program one for everyday, program two in the car with the kids and program three for TV and movies.  They're comfortable.They're like a part of me.”
Julie Armin, who has a CIC hearing aid, says: “My daughter (a speech/language pathologist) didn't notice my hearing aid in my ear.  I wear it from the time I get up in the morning to when I go to bed at night. It doesn’t bother me at all.  I am amazed.  The reason I put off getting a hearing aid is because I thought it would be a bother.  It isn't at all.  I hear things that I haven't heard before and now I know how muted things were.”
Hear Now